• Administración de viviendasProperty Services

    We take care of your home as if it were our own. We regularly inspect your property according to your specifications.

    Property Services
  • Administrative Services

    We can assist with or handle sometimes cumbersome but often necessary administrative tasks.

    Administrative Service
  • Automobile and Boat Service

    We can assist with registration, care, and maintenance of your company car, personal vehicle, or yacht.

    Automobile and Boat Service
  • Gardening Service

    We affectionately care for your flora and fauna. From mowing the grass to feeding your garden and balcony plants, we take care of everything that grows and blossoms.

    Gardening Service
  • Pool Service

    Enjoy it, and leave arduous pool cleaning to us – while always knowing that the water is clean, crystal clear and ready to jump into

    Pool Service
  • Tradesmen Service

    We have an established roster of skilled tradesmen who provide support and service – even in emergency situations.

    Tradesmen Service
  • Computer Service

    We provide on-location computer services for you. We address your problem and don’t leave until all of your questions have been answered.

    Computer Service
  • Shopping Service

    Your time is precious! We can handle shopping on your behalf or accompany you. We stand by ready to assist with translating or help you find the company or items you’re looking for.

    Shopping Service