Mallorca Service Center - Your property management even in times of crisis.

Current information about the alarm status and coronavirus (COVID-19) in Mallorca.

Spain and therefore Mallorca is currently in an alarm state.
The citizens' freedom of movement is severely restricted and all residents are in closely monitored quarantine. The national borders are closed until further notice, and only returning Spaniards and residents are allowed to enter. The airspace over Mallorca is largely closed. Only essential professions can be performed. Spanish armed forces have arrived in Mallorca and there are strong curfew controls with heavy penalties. Journeys to your second home are not permitted.

Mallorca Service Center received a special license for the protection and control of your houses.

Mallorca Service Center is also working in times of crisis.

We have applied for a special license and thus have the official permission to take care of your properties. We check your properties several times a week, take all protective measures against possible break-ins and check that everything is OK in storm and rain. We will notify you of important letters and all important aspects in and around the house (locking systems, electrical devices, heating and gas systems, electricity and water consumption, etc.). In the event of any damage, our in-house craftsmen and technicians act immediately!

In addition to the general house control, we take care of your garden and pool. We have trained gardeners with a special license to work - especially with the current weather conditions in Mallorca, care and maintenance are required.

DO NOT FEAR! Our team is at your side and takes care of your home.

Feel free to contact us - together we will find a solution how we can protect your property.